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How To Get One Million Followers On Instagram




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Instagram can become a goldmine for anyone who has a good strategy. If you have many followers, you can promote products, get sponsorships, and build a brand. Today you will learn how to get one million Instagram followers by following the steps below.

1. Have A Great Profile

When you start on Instagram, the first step is to create a new profile. You need a nice image and a description. If you have a link, this is the right place to add it.

People will decide to follow you or not after discovering your account based on your profile. If they like it, they will follow you most of the time. So, you need an image and description that get their attention. They can scroll down and see your posts, so the images of your posts matter as well.

2. Post High-Quality Content

Instagram allows you to publish images, videos, and stories. When you publish a post, it goes to the feed of your followers. But they manually go to your stories that disappear after 24 hours.

The engagement and the followers you get from each new post depends on the quality of your images and videos. When you publish something of great quality or unique, you will get more followers. You can also check what already works in your niche to get ideas for your next posts and create something better.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

3. Use Many Hashtags

Hashtags are a big part of your Instagram strategy. Each post should have at least one hashtag, but most influencers use multiple of them. According to a study, using 11 or more hashtags will generate 442% more engagement than using a few hashtags.

Most users don’t use many hashtags or don’t do their research to find the right ones. If you search for different hashtag ideas, create your own hashtags, and add them to your posts, you will win most of your competitors.

4. Engage With Your Audience

Publishing content is not enough if you want to get one million followers. You must put some extra effort and engage with your audience. If you spend a few minutes per day to reply to your followers, like their posts, and leave some comments, you will get better results.

A popular engagement strategy is the $1.80 strategy by Garry Vaynerchuk. He leaves his two cents, meaning his comments in ten posts under nine different popular hashtags in his niche. If 90 comments per day sound too much, you can adjust your strategy.

5. Promote Your Profile On Other Platforms

If you have a website, you should add your profile somewhere on your homepage. Many people that visit your site would like to check and follow your social accounts. It is a great way to create repeat visitors for your site and new followers.

Many social media profiles allow you to add your profiles on other platforms. For example, you can add your profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. You don’t have to request a follow every time because some people will click on your profiles by themselves.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Lastly, you can use offline methods. If you want to build a business profile, adding your username on business cards and emails is a good strategy. You can also ask people that you know to follow you, like friends and family. A quick boost on your followers when you start from zero can save you a lot of time in the beginning.

6. Post Content At The Right Time

You need to publish content when your followers are online. They probably follow many other profiles that publish content like yours. If you publish something many hours before they get online, your content will below many other posts.

The best way to figure out the right times is by comparing your posts and keeping track of them. If you notice that publishing a specific hour gets more engagement, you keep publishing at the same time. The most active hours are between 9 AM – 4 PM from Monday to Friday. But you must figure out what works in your niche.

7. Use Paid Ads

You can promote your profile for more followers directly. Instagram uses the targeting options and demographics of Facebook ads. It means you can target potential followers based on their interests, accounts they follow on both platforms, and their personal details.

Paid ads require a small budget to get started, but they can boost your following and engagement. You can also use paid ads to promote any products on the platform or boost your best posts.

8. Use Analytics

If you upgrade your account into a business account, you will access specific metrics about your profile and your posts. These metrics can help you determine what works for you and what you need to stop doing.

You can see your posts, impressions, new followers, demographics, profile visits, and more. Analytics can reveal new details about your followers and your target audience. Also, there are free and paid third-party that provide extra metrics for your account.

9. Run Contests

You can run a contest on Instagram, set a prize, and ask the participants to do something. For example, you can request a follow, likes, comments, etc. You can also run these contests on other platforms and request follows on Instagram.

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People love contests because they get free stuff or just want the competition. Contests can bring a lot of engagement and followers, even if these followers are not targeted because they find you for the reward.


Those who follow these steps have many chances to get one million followers. It is not easy to stick to everything, so this is your biggest challenge.

If you want a real-life example, you can check the profile of Gary Vee. He started with zero followers, and today he has over 9 million followers, publishes 2-4 posts per day with many hashtags, over 20 stories a day, and engages with his audience.

So, these steps actually work for those who apply them. But the results can vary depending on the niche and the quality of the content.

The difference between a profile with a few followers and a profile with millions of followers is their activity. If you keep publishing great content, have a nice profile, use hashtags, and engage with your audience, your following will keep growing. When your efforts are not regular, people will not find you online.

Elias started with internet marketing from scratch a few years ago. Today, Elias is a full-time blogger and freelancer. His content is based on personal experience and research.