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Introducing Subscription Boxes By CrateJoy: A New Way To Affiliate




CrateJoy Subscription Boxes
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Affiliate marketing is one of those fields that is constantly evolving—albeit, at a lower rate than most others. Most of the time, you’ll still see people who are touting products on Amazon despite the fact that the company has been regularly slashing their payouts. In recent years, online courses have started to take hold.

In terms of affiliate sales items that you can hawk, it always seems like there’s a steady rate of the same old stuff. But, there’s a newer kid on the block getting  more attention than ever before. The latest thing to get attention in the affiliate world is subscription services. 

Why Subscription Services?

Subscription services offer a lot of value when done right. They are elegant and affordable ways to get items that you love at a cheaper price, on a set schedule. Along with bringing new products straight to your door, they tend to be a good way for people to get a once-a-month treat. 

These services are stating to become increasingly common in almost every realm. You can find them in industries like makeup, geek fandom, not to mention other industries like gaming or smoking. There is a subscription box for virtually any person you could imagine. 

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Who’s Offering Commission On Subscriptions?

Virtually every major subscription box is offering a commission for affiliate marketers. This includes subscription food services like HelloFresh, major subscription boxes like FabFitFun, as well as indie subscription boxes like HuntAKiller. 

If you are particularly passionate about one niche industry, then you may want to approach the top box companies individually. However, this isn’t always very smart to do as it can take a lot of time and can also require you to keep a ton of different accounts.

Enter CrateJoy

CrateJoy is a site that basically acts like the Amazon of subscription boxes. If it’s a box that you might want to subscribe to, chances are that they have a CrateJoy account. It’s a site that lets you browse various subscription boxes, manage your subscriptions, and also cancel subscriptions. 

Oh, and it also happens to be a great thing for people who want to have an affiliate site based around specific subscription boxes. So, think of it as a great place to link to as an affiliate. After all, you might as well have a partnership with one particular site. It streamlines things and maximizes the earnings you can attain. 

Photo by Giftpundits from Pexels

Why CrateJoy?

Well, I’ll be honest. I like CrateJoy because I’m a massive, borderline-obsessive fan of subscription boxes. However, there’s more to this on the affiliate side of things than just being really cool. Here’s why you’ll like it:

  • It streamlines your work. You can literally do roundup after roundup of new boxes as different affiliate articles. If they buy at least one, then you’re good to go. 
  • It’s a 15 percent commission. That is a far cry higher than what you would typically get from a place like Amazon. 
  • People tend to trust in it. If you’re into sub boxes, you’re part of a major community. Besides, it’s a flex. 

What You Need To Know

There’s one big issue with CrateJoy that you need to be aware of. It’s an opportunity that’s only there for established businesses in the subscription box scene. So, if you’ve already touted FabFitFun or Birchbox for ages, you might have a shot. Otherwise, you’re SOL (“Out of Luck”).

The Verdict

If you want to have a new potential affiliate partner, then CrateJoy is a good choice. We’re really loving the site, the commissions, as well as the products they tout. With a little work, it could be a serious goldmine for the right (dedicated) site.

Disclaimer: is not affiliated with CrateJoy and received no commission from it.

Ossiana Tepfenhart is a fan of freelance writing and loves to watch her spouse spin using SYQEL.