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Concessionist.com (“the Website”) provides useful information about affiliate marketing and online business. This Website is not a formal educational institution and does not directly sell any services. By using this Website, you agree that the information provided is for guidance and entertainment purposes only and that the Website, its owners and its operators will not by liable for any losses incurred, errors or other omissions. This Website does not provide either investment or professional advice. No performance guarantee is given.

Original content

The Website strives to provide the original content. For this purpose, we rely on various contributors and content providers. If you think that some of the content is not original, please alert us using our Contact Form and describe the problem. We will check and take action.

The template of this website has been developed by MVP Themes. It is used under license. The site is powered by WordPress.

In addition, please note that all pictures used on this website are sourced from Pixabay or Pexels. All pictures are editorial use. The terms of use of such pictures are available here and here. We might also use other sources of pictures, and we will seek to credit a source in all cases, when possible.

For privacy reasons, the names and pictures in the testimonials section, if applicable, have been changed.

Our contributing authors may decide whether they would like to publish under their real name or under their pen name. In all cases where contributions are made under a pen name, a stock photo is used instead of the actual picture of the author.

All articles are written exclusively for Concessionist.com. We do not accept duplicate content.


No copying and distribution of content published on this Website is permitted. Please respect our work, as well as the work of our contributors – do not copy our content.

Affiliate Links

We display affiliate links in good faith. This means that we believe that affiliate links, ads, and banners advertising various relevant offers may be useful for our visitors. When a visitor of this Website follows a link and enters into a transaction with a 3rd party, this Website may receive a revenue, usually a percentage of a sale generated by such a visitor. There is no mark-up or additional price margin applied. Please note that visitors remain responsible for such transactions, and this Website does not offer any warranties in relation to such transactions.

For avoidance of doubt, we provide affiliate links to WealthyAffiliate “WA”, Affilorama and ClickBank University “CBU” (the list might be expanded going forward). We are mutually independent of all service providers. When you click on advertisement or affiliate link, and buy something from WealthyAffiliate, Affilorama or CBU, we might receive a commission, usually a percentage of sale. The retailer of Affilorama products is ClickBank.


Concessionist.com operates independently and is not associated with Google, Facebook or other companies featured in our articles and reviews. Our reviews are independent and 3rd party service provider featured on Concessionist.com are not responsible for the contents of this Website. The reviews provided on this Website are for educational and entertainment purposes, do not constitute either investment or professional advice, and are provided without any performance guarantee.

This Website might contain advertisements, notably Google Adwords, and by other 3rd parties. To the extent possible, all adverts and affiliate links are clearly labelled “Advertisement”, “Affiliate Link”, “Concession Stand” or other similar term.

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You need to be at least 16 to use this Website. In addition, you might need to meet a certain minimum age requirement in order to make purchases. This is subject to your local or national laws.

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